Grandmothers' Recipes is about the sharing and teaching of recipes from the twin Peranakan heritages of Rosaline Soon, author of cookbook "Grandmothers Recipes - Tales from Two Peranakan Kitchens".

These recipes, lovingly compiled from her nonya relatives in Singapore and Penang, were a hit with customers when she owned and ran Ming's Cafe and Pub in Upper Thomson Road in the early 1990s. She retired after more than 20 years in the corporate world to pursue her interest in food.

After the restaurant and the book, Rosaline is now giving cooking lessons from her home-based kitchen to anyone interested in learning to cook and enjoy Peranakan/uniquely Singapore food. She also has special classes tailored for domestic helpers as having taught her own domestic helpers for over 40 years to cook for her family, she feels it's important that foreign domestic helpers will settle in easier and happier if they are able to cook for the Singaporean family quickly. Classes are small so maids learn quickly in a friendly and stress-free environment. She has published two more books, in November 2012, "More Grandmothers' Recipes-Everyday Dishes for Today's Family" and October 2013, "Grandmothers' Recipes-Sweet and Savoury".