Classes for December
Saturday 9th at 2.00pm

Fifth Beginners/Maids Class

1) Chicken Rice

2) Assam Curry Fish

3) Chap Chye

4) Chicken Vegetable Soup

Friday 22nd at 2.00pm

First Beginners/Maids Class

1) Chicken/Pork Chops

2) Chicken fried with Chilli and Tow Cheo

3) Vermecelli in Claypot with Prawns

4) Fried tow gey with tow kua

5) Pork Ribs with Wintermelon Soup

Wednesday27th at 10.30am (Confirmed)

FIRST OF SIX ADVANCED CLASS Fast Tracked within 3 Weeks


1) HonhKong Rose Flavored Chicken with Wanton Mee

2) Wanton Soup

3) Poh Piah

Friday 29th at 10.30am (Confirmed)

Second Advanced Class


1) Chicken Rendang

2) Kerabu Prawns

3) Prawns in Salted Egg Yolk

Friday 29th at 2.00pm

Second Beginngers/Maids Class

1) Char Siu (BBQ Pork) with Wanton Mee

2) pomfret Fish in Black Bean Sauce

3) Chicken/Smoked Ham and Winter Cabbage

4) Spinach or Baby Romaine fried with Garlic

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