Classes for 2018

Dear Friends,

An alert! I accidentally lockd myself out of my phone last week, and am unable to access contacts who have been chatting with me about classes. In fact Hwee Leng has booked a class for 5 on Saturday 27th April, and I need to contact her. If you are reading this and did not get any response to your whatsapps message, please email me or apps me again. I'm using another phone with same number. Thanks

Chinese New Year has come and gone, all too fast, partly because it was really a hectic time. I hosted a lunch for over 100 family members of my family on February 9th, and we cooked every dish ourselves. It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying Nonya Laksa, Kong Bak Pau, Ayam/Spare Ribs Buahkeluak, Curry Chicken, Hae Choh, Beef Rendang, Chap Chye cooked by my helper! with Fried Hokkien Mee and Dry Mee Siam together with a whole host of desserts contributed by some nieces.

The dishes provided for this buffet lunch was defintely testimony to the success of the imparting of my cooking and recipes to helpers who really want to learn! My helper, after two weeks with me, was able to start planning and cooking not only all our daily meals, but also for friends I host at home.

So of greatest pleasure for me have been the classes I conduct for Beginners/Maids. It is always so heartwarming to see them taste and enjoy the food they've helped to cook and to hear them report at following classes how their friend/employers have enjoyed what they have learnt to bring to their dinner tables.

Those wishing to start learning to cook Peranakan dishes or wishing to send their Maids to learn dishes that they'd like reproduced at home, please note that I always have ongoing classes. This is a series of 5 classes, once a week.

The price for these classes are $520, and they include the costs of ingredients, tasting portions to take home, and the gift of Book 2 of my cookbook "Grandmothers' Recipes, Everyday Dishes for Today's Families."

Sometimes, in the midst of this course I have requests to join in any one of the specific classes and I do accept them, as the classes are independent of each other. I just need sufficient notice to prepare the ingredients.

I currently have a request to teach the 6 classes of the Advanced Course on Sundays and I am looking for a couple more so I can start the classes in early March.

Teaching the basics and intricacies of Peranakan/Singapore food remains a main and important goal to both Singaporeans as well as overseas visitors. Hosting young ladies who want to learn to cook before they tie the knot has also become popular, as friends will usually arrange a "Hens" party for their bride-to-be friend. Overseas visitors from all over the world have come to learn to cook and enjoy dishes like beef rendang, chicken satay, nonya laksa etc. I'm looking forward to having more visitors from overseas.

I also welcome classes for team bonding as well as family and friends for a birthday or other celebrations. You can decide on what you want to learn to cook and enjoy having them right after you cook them.

You can also check my facebook page grandmothersrecipes for postings and pictures of dishes cooked and enjoyed by many who have learnt authentic Peranakan/Singaporean dishes with fresh ingredients and without msg and other artificial flavouring.

Although I do already accept bookings for lunches and dinners, I am also looking into doing degustation dinners of truly Peranakan dishes cooked at home and served dish by dish as you enjoy your wine in a homely atmosphere. For those who are interested, do send me an email for further details.

Please note that I need a deposit of 20% for classes and any last minute cancellation will result in forfeit of deposit.

All ingredients are provided and you only need to bring your own containers to pack back the food cooked if not eaten after the class.

If you are interested, sms me at 96757611 or email me at  or  or call 64597549 / 96757611 to book. 

Check out my FB grandmothersrecipes where I will be posting pixes of some of the incredible food I had on my Japan holiday.